Bad Moon Born @Prince Bandroom (26-Jun-2018)

From time to time, I get asked (especially from new young bands) my opinions on so & so bands; What do I look for; What makes me like one over the other. Often it becomes a little coaching session which I have seen some take on, and I'm sure many just thinks I talk a lot of shit.

So anyway, After seeing these guys, I thought it's appropriate for me to articulate this view more 'formally'.

Picture this... You're out to see a band you've never seen before. As you walk up to the venue, you can hear they've already started. Even from the outside it sounds like a decent mix. The beat is groovy, the vocals is strong. You're liking it.

What just happened there is that you've already 'graded' this new band. Let's just say you've already given it a 7/10 (just to be modest and for the purpose of this illustration).

You then walk into the venue, you're familiar with the surroundings, you find your usual spot, and now your other senses is stimulated. On top of your auditory sensor, which gave you relative joy that scored this band 7 out of 10, your visual senses now adds to your overall experience.

One of two things will now happen. You identify who your favourite member of the band is (visually), usually most entertaining, engaging, energetic. Whatever it is that gets you excited about SEEING a band. and then your eyes wanders to the rest of the band, and you soon find that other than the drummer (example don't hang me), every one else seems like they're hating being on stage. Your original score of 7/10 judged by audio alone, now drops to about 5/10. Now how are you likely to describe this NEW band when asked ? This is a typical experience that builds on your love of a band, or not, especially live. Other than your usual stage of intoxication, mood, who you're with etc. for me, this is pretty much it.

Now picture this... you walk into this band I just saw #BadMoonBorn. Musically they rested comfortably on my 8/10 and then you cast your eyes from each of the band members, and discover instantly that each are equally as entertaining to watch individually as they are collectively. What I've tried to convey to many of the new and young bands who cares about what I think is simply this. If you can be engaged and entertained by watching just one band member for the ENTIRE gig, and can do the same with everyone else in the band, imagine what that's like collectively. The opposite is the same then that the entire band (visually) can be let down by the one member, and therefore effecting the sum of the entire band. The proverbial... "You're only as strong as your weakest link.' BAD MOON BORN definately fulfilled that whole band thing pushing their initial 8/10 to a 9/10 for me.

Love to hear your thoughts on this view, and throw me some names of other bands that fits this crazy idea of mine. #LifesTooShortGoSeeABand Full gallery on my facebook page.

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