Baby Animals @ Corner Hotel (22-Jun-2018)

I know you've heard me say this before, but really, truly, I NEVER EVER take these situations, opportunities for granted. I would tell stories later of exactly this and how lucky I am to be backstage in the band room, as I did this time with Baby Animals, and people would reply with things like... "Yeh, but you're Chowie...", ".. you deserve this.." etc. Thank you, I get that.. sometimes. but what people forget is that we're all fans. Fans of someone, something, a band, an actor, a mentor, an entrepreneur. In this case, I'm still in awe and go starry eyed when in the presence of these guys. So once again, thank you. For always making me feel welcome in your space, front stage, in the band room, even if just a comment or like on one of my post. This is BA at their best. Corner Hotel, intimate, in your face. (Special shout out to Steve 'Flea' Molloy, without him, I'm actually pretty shit. True !

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