Gratitude !!!

I will NEVER take these little things for granted. I have so much and so many people I'm grateful for. Please indulge me. After loads of emails, fb messages, phone calls, I resigned to the fact I'm not going to shoot the final journey to the big arena, of my favorite 'local' band Electric Mary that I've covered for over 10 years. That is however only until an eleventh hour confirmation I got a media pass. I'm forever grateful to Aran at Premier.

This was another pinacle in my photographic journey, and I'm thankful for all the support Melania has given (put up with) me. luv ya babe ! smile emoticon I'm grateful for friends like Flea Steve Molloy who gave our friend Nik the best final night in Melbourne gift.... a ticket to Def Leppard, and so she also got to see EM for the last time before moving to Detroit. His generousity extends so much that Mel also got to see the show. Thanks Flea, I luv ya. (now gimme that shirt, f**ken !) Meanwhile, already content with that I got to shoot 3 great bands, I was happy to hang on the steps of RodLaver until the show finish, but instead, Leanne atMenard PR was so incredible to get me in to see the rest of the show. Thank you Leanne, you're such a gem ! and thank you too for persisting in making sure I got to stay and shoot the entire set for Electric Mary.

I'm always stoked and thankful for those who appreciate what I do to come say hi to me, and last night was no exception, bumping into so many. I'm thankful for the opportunity to share the press pit with some of the best in the business.. Matt Allan Photos, Peter Coates, Andrew Slaidins. AND so grateful through this I met legendary Ross Halfin Photography in the press pit !! BUT.... in all of this, what I'm most thankful for is that I got to enjoy a rock show on a normal warm Melbourne night, and go home alive to talk about it. My thoughts are with all those lost at the Paris rock show, and to their families. My motto indeed....#LIfesTooShortGoSeeABand

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