Mom ! I did it ! ! !

You follow your 'passion', your dream; for years and years you've worked hard at your craft; you've made sacrifices; your ex used to tell you how much she hated your 'passion', and beat you down, and yet you persisted; When you've finally reached that what you believe is the pinnacle of your journey, your loved one barely made a mention, at least not in words, to your face; and the only thing you hear is the same as most critics... 'Is this a real job?' 'You don't get holiday pay, sick leave', 'when are you going to start looking for a proper job!' ..... Is it time to give up ?

Early this year (2015), I took this amongst many other photos at an amazing Icehouse show at Palms at Crown. Like any other live performance photos, I have my favorites, but don't really think too much of it. That is of course, until I received that phone call from the Icehouse camp... '.. Iva and I really liked this one photo you took... and we would like to use it for the album cover.'

I didn't mention it to anyone, not even loved ones, let alone bragging on social media. So much of this is more about not wanting to be a narcissist as I have once been labled. Whilst (for the record) I kinda don't really give a shit what people think or not think of me, it was inevitable that when this album finally came out (Icehouse made the announcement early August), my facebook page went into meltdown. I get that people are excited for me, and not for a moment do I take that for granted, or make light of the congratulatory expressed for my achievement, but after waited and held my breath with excitment, but coming to realise, that my false expectation for the only accorlade that matters, from loved ones that will never come, it finally dawned on me...... NOTHING ELSE MATTERS, YOU LIVE AND DIE ALONE, and your passion is exactly just that... YOUR passion. No one else's.

Chowie, this is a bit pesimistic isn't it ? No, bear with me. As most of us that are 'artistic', we occassionally struggle to discover our 'path'. At the end of the day, whether you're the guitarist, the singer, song writer, the photographer, the graphic artist, the producer, the lighting guy, a painter, you might just come to this point of your career/ life, that might end up with a 'product' of some sort in your hand (like an album), that evokes certain emotion... pride, satisfaction, sadness, excitement, dissapointment. Whatever it is, be proud, it is YOUR creation. whether or not your loved ones grabs hold of your ears, pulls your face in, and plants the biggest kiss on your lips, and tell you how proud they are, it only matters that YOU know, it is YOUR achievement !! NB. All that said, when my daughter goes out and bought her own copy 'just to have one', it did bring tears to my eyes.

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