Mocking Who ?????​

​​As a photographer first stepping into the music scene, you can't help but feel you need to shoot as many bands, in as many hours a night, as many nights every week, and for FREE, just to build your name. That was me, some decade plus ago, and in between the countless number of grass root start up bands, I got to shoot some amazingly talented artists, many I wondered why they're not bigger than they should/could be.

Some start up photographers will fall head over heels for some of these bands, and be seen at EVERY.... SINGLE gig, to support, promote, to a point people think you must have some financial interest, perhaps even managing. That too was me just a few years ago. And it wasn't until after 18 months of countless facebook, instagram posts; travelling interstate; thirty something photo folios, from gigs, to promo to my Rockumentaries (est. over $5000 worth of work - for FREE), and gave up other job opportunities, that suddenly my 'Best-Before' date expired, and I was dropped like a hot cake, and then some, including sabatage attempt on my name in the industry.

That, ladies n' gentlemen, was enough to consider giving all this up. Luckily I didn't, and despite my super cautious approach, and drawing a tight boundary around any future relationships with bands, there will always be exceptions.


2014_09_07-7508 B.jpg

Yes, I can certainly be bias and say how good they are because they book me to shoot often, or I can tell you how great they sound live, and play well, rock on stage blah blah blah. but no, I'm going to tell you that it's only been a year + one day (23-May-2014) since I first shot the T-Byrds, and I've been booked not much more than half a dozen times, including all gigs, Promo & Rockumentary.

2014_05_24-3387 BW.jpg

In this one short year, I have also seen many other T-Byrd shows without my cameras, and some I just shot because I crossed the aforemention 'boundary'. Why ? Because beyond all the usual 'go do yourself a favour' banta, these are some of the most humble, genuine, hardest working, professional business women in this business at present.


Their hardwork paid off, and in this one year, we've seen their rise to the point of supporting Baby Animals this week at the HiFi Bar in Melbourne. Sure, many will read this and say, so and so should have got that support, but line up these three girl's work ethics along side anyone else who went for this support gig, and ask, who worked harder towards this result and deserved the outcome.


I wish them all the very best success, and I'm stoked to say I already have tickets to one of two nights that BA's is playing, and mine happened to be the night the T-Byrds are playing.


1 2015_05_03_7097.jpg
2014_09_07-0801 Estelle Jess Tequila @Yah Yah's.jpg


​​It's gonna be a great night, and a great road ahead. The T-Byrds are go !!!

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