Whole Lotta Love @ The Palais St. Kilda

There are many Zeppelin tributes, but only one Led Zeppelin Celebration. This show not only have some of the best musos in Melbourne, many of whom I'm privilege to know, or can call friend.

The Melbourne line up included Jack Jones (Southern Sons), Amy Findlay (Stonefield), Jimmy Cupples (The Voice), Frank Lakoudis (The Voice), Shay Liza (Sharaya), and an awesome band consisting of some of the country's best rock musicians, including my friends Pete Robinson, Jerome Smith, all under the brilliant direction of Joseph Calderazzo, plus a string section led by Adrian Keating (principal violinist - Opera Australia). It is seriously a best collection of talents. The result of which are two sets of superb song choices, all of them worthy of the hair on your arms upstanding. How else can you describe it ? other than that it's something you just have to see and experience, there's just not much else you can do. How do you edit down a 12 piece line up of photos ? Hardly. So excuse the 60+ collection. Enjoy !

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