Home studio with Marcus Kain


'Rockumentary' has been my defined style of photography for years, from my live music, to weddings, portraits, and of course my Rockumentaries, going behind the scene. So it was almost natural that I would treat my band promo shoot with the same approach & style.

The backdrop settings however is a little more challenging though, as any of this kind of shoot, in studio or on location is nonetheless a 'staged', rather than 'as it happens'. so how do you keep that spontaneious and therefore journalistic ? We'll get to that subject in future blog.

For now, let's talk about my 'studio', no doubt raising eyebrows, and attracting critics of my method of studio 'lighting'.

It's basically my lounge room wall with a simple white or black sheet backdrop, single direction daylight from a floor to ceiling window. That's it !! Ladies n' Gentlemen, welcome to Chowie's Daylight Home Studio !!

It's more about financial constraints than trying to be creative. The cost to access a professional studio could easily add hundreds if not thousands to a basic promo shoot, that most starting bands cannot afford. and for me as a recently made pro, studio is not a startup expense easily affordable. Is the result so bad ? I'm usually the last to judge.

Marcus Kain, awesome guitarist for Twenty Two Hundred,



Enjoy !

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