More than your asian tourist with a camera. From still life & landscape to the sweaty rock pix you have all enjoyed. 

Think about this.  In decades to come, when you're telling your kids how amazing that wedding, that trip, that rock show was that you saw all that time ago, what is it that helps tell your story ?  The description of the meal, how the wine tasted ? the smell ? the lighting ? the music, the speeches ?  No, it's great photos.



- Music / Bands
- Rocukmentaries
- Wedding
- Fashion

- Portraits / Kids & Babies / Pets
- Commercial

- Corporate & Events

- Products & Still Life

Armed with his Diploma in Illustrative Photography back in 1998, Chowie continued polishing his craft doing weddings, portraits and the occassional commercial & fashion. After getting into a little night club work, it led right back to his other passion in music and eventually rock photos and his signature Chowie's Rockumentaries.

Chowie is working hard to get the recognition photographers deserves amongst the sound engineer and lighting guys on gig nights. Available for hire, please contact him via email - chowie67@gmail.com

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